EMC Documentum and MOSS

I’ve just viewed the flash demo of the EMC Documentum services for Sharepoint, available here, and admit to being impressed. As usual with these types of demonstrations the interface is slick and the user experience is excellent. I’m going to need to find out some answers to some questions I have on this new development from Documentum, notably: 

          how do the two different security models integrate?

          how does Sharepoint handle the concept of renditions?

          what customisation options are available for the new interface?

          how is SSO achieved?

          how does Documentum stored content successfully navigated alongside Sharepoint located content? 

I’ll be digging round to try and find out some of this information and will keep you posted. I’m also going to try and find out what some of the other ECM vendors are doing about the MOSS threat.

1 thought on “EMC Documentum and MOSS

  1. Saw this presented at EMC World 2007. I can answer two questions for you…

    1) The two security models do not integrate at this time

    2) SSO is acheived by MOSS prompting the user for their Documentum password, even if it is LDAP/AD, and stores it behind the scenes. The user does not need to enter it again unless it changes. This is similar to how eRoom worked with Content Server until the 7.3x releases.

    There are many customizations. These are packaged WebParts and not open at this time. The next release in the winter should be open.

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