Agile Documentum

Due to circumstances beyond my control I’m about to get involved in a small piece of work for a customer with poorly defined requirements, little money to spend and high expectations. Sounds like a recipe for disaster I know. Interestingly they already have a well defined product set, I’m wondering if this was a result of the typical golf course sale!

 Having looked at what has been documented thus far I have proposed a more agile approach to the solution through a series of week long iterations. At the start, and end, of each iteration we will meet with the core customer team and focus on the work completed and the work for the coming iteration. The high-level requirements have been set and it will be a challenge to manage scope. The customer wish to use Webtop so we have an application ready to show and tell and build on the user requirements, during the workshops I will be sure to exercise a strong degree of prioritisation.

I’ve been distantly involved in another project where 7 2-week iterations were used to build a Portal application within IBM Websphere Portal Server and this was an outstanding success; hopefully we’ll achieve something similar.

It is only a small piece of work as the customer initially wants some simple configuration work done.

I’ll post back in a few weeks with a report on progress….


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