Autonomy as Search

This recent post to CMS Watch gave me a small chuckle. I’d recently been involved in a session where Autonomy were doing a presentation to a prospective customer. The presentation was very much that Autonomy was going to solve all their problems including providing BPM, Portal functionality and Content Management.

Being vendor independent I explained to members of the audience how in a previous piece of work Autonomy was used very well to provide the ability to search across multiple repositories, with the user interface being provided by a separate product as the Portal and with content being managed in a number of different products, due to the differing needs across the environment. This was, in my opinion, an excellent use of the Autonomy product set and provided the starting point for functional enhancements around personalisation and inference.

Its fair to say that the comments didn’t go down too well from the Autonomy salesperson…he did say the search word but it was definitely in a dismissive context.


1 thought on “Autonomy as Search

  1. I recently sat through a similar presentation, although I did explain we were looking for a replacement search engine, not looking to replace Documentum or the Portal !

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