SaaS and ECM

I read with interest a recent post on SaaS and ECM. Of interest is the comments around integration with existing systems meaning that SaaS would not be a route to go for companies. Is this really true? Is there not a way in which ECM can be delivered as SaaS which also enables users to integrate the solution with their systems. I guess Alan was thinking that ECM and SaaS would be delivered through an interface which users would interact with, in which case I would agree. However if we approach this another way, where the client system interacts with the ECM software through services, then there is a case that ECM does become part of the platform which they interact with, albeit hosted remotely. Of course there are numerous challenges to this approach, too many for me to answer right now. I will have a think how this would work and post back, but we do need to be more creative in the changing times to try and meet more flexible requirements, not just functional.


3 thoughts on “SaaS and ECM

  1. Of course this can work. If your ECM platform provides a full XML Web Services API then there is no reason why you cant integrate a SaaS ECM platform with your applications installed locally……

    The real question is here, is there any benefit? Especially when many ECM vendors provide concurrent licensing models in any case….After spending quite sometime looking at savings SaaS can provide, if youre storing a lot of content in the cloud, the savings just arent there, if anything your costs will probably increase….

    • Interesting to get a response to this now; especially given the advent of CMIS. I think CMIS will be a big influence on these scenarios, but as you say the ECM vendors will also need to change their pricing models. I know of other people who have have looked at establishing a Cloud for the ECM Infrastructure service and with some imaginative thinking they believe that this can be profitable.

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