More on the FAST news

I read this post on the proposed FAST acquisition. Its clear Documentum won’t be putting a bid in, in fact their strategy appears to be moving towards giving their customers choice on what search engine underpins their platform. I expect to see a choice between Lucene, Autonomy and possibly FAST but I’m not convinced.

Another interesting point in the note is the comment that Google are likely to move to a model where they provide storage for our data. This is something I discussed in an earlier entry , although I took it a step further and predicted that this space will include some of the Basic Content Services we see in Document and Content Management now. I agree that security and governance will prompt fears but if we csn resolve the problem of taking this model into the enterprise it would become a very attractive proposition.


Its been a busy day for news on the Search front:

Microsoft makes and offer for FAST

EMC and Autonomy agreed deal

Okay, for those not quite fully up to speed. Documentum used to have Verity as its embedded search engine, then Autonomy bought Verity and Documentum snuggled up with FAST instead. Documentum OEM edition includes Lucene as its Search Engine and I’ve seen rumours that it will be an option in core Content Server from v6.5. In the meantime Microsoft make a significant play into the Search arena and offer something for free. Google also have applicances which can be plugged into the likes of Documentum.

Today’s news changes quite a few things, not least where will the end of this merry-go-round leave EMC/Documentum and their search capability?