EMC World 2008

Many thanks to Pie for the regular updates from EMC World over in Vegas. Reading his posts it does appear that Documentum is about to be taken in an exciting direction. I’m particularly excited to see the new Magellan client; I’ll be on the phone to them in the next few weeks to see when a demonstration can be scheduled.

Working for an SI I believe we have a massively important role to play with customers on the advent of the new releases. Many customers over here in Europe are still working on version 5 and will continue to do so past the end of the year, upgrades make many people nervous especially when a large part of the Documentum community are involved due to compliance or regulatory reasons. We need to be working now with this community to help them understand their roadmap, and importantly we need to be sure that the end goal is driven by business need and not our technical enthusiasm for the new features. Even now I find myself in discussions with customers who have aspirations but for whom the technology is not yet there; they could spend a lot of effort in building the required functionality but the promise is on the horizon. I’m speaking specifically about SharePoint integration and will return to this topic in the next week when I have collated my thoughts.

Thanks again to Pie, if I manage to make my way to Prague later in the year for Momentum I’ll be looking to provide some information from there. EMC are attempting to bring our community closer together and provide platforms for this to happen but the best way for this to succeed is through our own commitment.

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