Momentum 2010 – Partner Day

So nearing the end of the first day of Momentum 2010, and apart from the heat in the conference centre its been a good day.

First up there was the chance to meet some old faces and encounter some new ones but we soon got cracking with the Partner conference. This was hosted by Mike Kan from EMC who introduced Mike David from Ovum who gave, a somewhat already convinced audience a presentation on what it takes for Information Intelligence to be derived from an organisations information assets.

Things really picked up when Chris McLoughlin took to the stage. Now James recently commented on Twitter that he had seen a change in EMC’s approach to partnering, the reason has been Chris. Chris is the VP for Partners and Channels Worldwide and his presentation demonstrated his determination to put Partners at the forefront of EMC’s plans for the next few years. Yes it will mean as Partners we will have our share of work to do but it should mean we get more support from EMC. One of the key messages he gave was that EMC need to move from selling IT to selling business solutions, something which I have been looking for for a while. He put up one slide which really summarised the current situation well:

– xCP is not currently broad enough;

– there is a lack of incentive for the EMC sales team to partner;

– there is too much conflict with EMC PS and partners;

– there is a lack of a proven methodology for working with partners;

– they need to improve their accreditation and certification programme.

A couple of other things which he mentioned of interest were:

– EMC will revitalise the Designed for EMC programme so solutions from partners can seek to attain that badge;

– technical support will provide a dedicated support person for new implementations (oh how we could have done with this one).

John  O Melia, head of EMC Consulting WW then took to the stage and gave a short presentation on how the EMC Professional Services group will help partners to work with them.

Finally, on the presentations front, Rana Ghosh Roy of BG Group talked about how they are using Documentum. Interesting for me as Rana recruited me into my current position before he moved on.

Finally there was a Panel discussion involving a number of EMC senior execs. Most of this was around partnering but there was one question around how EMC IIG will embrace the cloud which Jeetu Patel (CTO) answered. With this one response I started to see a vision for the future for EMC and started to see some real positive signs for the future. Jeetu talked about two things:


– cloud enabling the current EMC products, and this was from virtualisation through to multi tenancy;

– using the IIG products as the governance layer for an organisation’s information no matter where it is stored, on premise, private cloud or public cloud. Having one policy administration layer across all information;

I’m hoping there will be more on this vision as Jeetu’s answer, and the way he delivered was a taste of a bright future for EMC.

Overall the first day was interesting, with people like Chris McLoughlin, Fred Monjazeb and Jeetu Patel I see a new face for the EMC IIG group and a new direction which is promising. I am really hoping this morning’s keynote will reinforce this, I am still not sure who will be delivering it but EMC IIG have a chance to move forward this morning…lets hope they do that and do not look back.


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