Momentum 2010 – Summary

I’ve still got one or two more posts on individual sessions to crank out but given there has been one or two summary posts already, from Andrew and others, I wanted to get down my overall thoughts on the few days in Lisbon. I’ll go through each day and then bring it all together.

Day 1 – Partner Conference

The first day brought a feeling of change, with new people like Fred Monjazeb, Chris McLaughlin and Jeetu Patel taking to the stage it did feel as though there was a change in the senior positions. Coupled with the announcement the previous Thursday on the departure of Mark Lewis I was looking forward to the following day’s keynote. The venue itself was great, nice to have a bit of warmth in late October and there was a lot more space in the exhibition area. I had a great chance to catch up with a lot of people in the afternoon and then evening over dinner before the night was brought to a close listening to some Fado music in the centre of Lisbon. If you ever go to Lisbon find a bar which plays this music, it is a great experience.

Day 2 – Keynotes and Architecture

Now I have already posted about both the Architecture session and the morning Keynote. Jeroen really got people to sit up and take notice in his architecture session, it was a bit of a slow build up (necessarily slow as this was a deep dive), but I just wish Jeroen had timed his presentation, he clearly needed two hours and not the allotted 45 minutes. As a result he did a second part in the late afternoon which I couldn’t get to due to other commitments, Virtual Momentum will have to do for this if it is one of the sessions on there. Enough has been said on the keynote, although I will come back to the overall message at the end. However there was definitely a buzz starting to go through the conference following some of the sessions. Personally I was also starting to get busy as the number of customers who wanted to talk with me started to increase. The Cultural Evening was good fun but the location was not great, nearly two hours on a bus wasn’t the best way to start the evening. Still, a positive day overall.

Day 3 – Presentation Day

Day 3 was when I was due to give a presentation on SharePoint and Documentum, but first I attended the Fatwire presentation to understand EMC’s direction on integrating this product. This was interesting and a colleague of mine, Jeff Quiggle, gave a good insight into how customers can look at migrating content from Documentum to Fatwire. However I did get a bit of feeling of ‘so what’ from this session, we were shown a numbver of websites which were produced using Fatwire but to be honest they could have been done in HTML. I would have loved to have seen how the content was managed, or how the customer feedback was brought back into the repository or how Social Media really could have been linked into the overall solution.

I then did my presentation with Jon Ludwig. This was a well attended session, still waiting for the exact numbers, and it was good to get up in front of people with this being my 3rd Momentum and something I had made a promise to myself back in Prague that I would do. The feedback afterwards was positive and I look forward to finding more stories to tell to customers and partners at future events. The other theme on the Wednesday was the number of customers who I spoke to, I counted nearly a dozen different customers who wanted to talk to me in detail about SharePoint and Documentum. This was great fun and a great way to help understand the challenges they face and the types of solutions they are looking for. There is no doubt that there is a real need out there to understand how to embrace SharePoint and how to get the two technologies working together, looking forward to helping people to achieve this.

Finally I attended Randy Hodge’s presentation on getting xCP to work in the Cloud. This was very interesting and I will post details on the session in the near future. I had spoken to Randy earlier in the week and it was great to hear him describe his role and the important which EMC are placing on getting xCP 2.0 right and getting their vision of Cloud right. We had a good discussion on the Use Cases I am seeing in the UK and I look forward to seeing the results.

Day 4 – The End

Whilst this was my 3rd Momentum this was the 1st time I had made it to the final day, other commitments in previous years meant I had to leave early. The last day is clearly wind down time and while there some interesting sessions I do think it must be hard if you are given one of the speaking slots on the Thursday morning. They final keynote itself was a summary of the week, perhaps it needs a bit more oomph in its message but I guess most of the attendees don’t make it to this session.


So I have to agree with Andrew that this was the best Momentum, certainly that I have been. And it could have been better still. Why?

1. There is a feel of change at the top, not just Rick replacing Mark but also some of the management team, have brought a new impetus to the organisation. I was very impressed whenever Fred Monjazeb or Jeetu Patel spoke and look forward to meeting them more in the future.

2. The keynote, this should have been so much better. This is not a criticism of Mark directly as the delivery was not the main problem in the session. It was the message. As Andrew said in his blog the EMC IIG tanker has slowly been moved in a new direction and I felt this was the first time they could talk about this new direction yet this message came from the other sessions and not the Keynote. The move to xDB and the Next Generation Information Server, the strategy around Cloud, the release of xPlore, the focus on business solutions, the reduced reliance on 3rd Party products, the rationalisation of the User Interface suite, the focus on faster and easier deployment….there was so much which could have been said and wasn’t in that one session.

3. The next few years will see a huge change in the EMC IIG products. The release of xCP 2.0 next year is the first milestone but the move to the NGIS will be massive. The name itself marks a change in the products but if EMC do succeed in making it truly an information server and can combine it with the Process Management and Governance capabilities elsewhere in the product set then it could be a game changing release.

4. SharePoint. Okay so I did present on it but it is a much discussed subject, I spent well over 12 hours discussing with customers, partners and EMC themselves the different approaches to take to harmonising their existing Documentum environments with the SharePoint world. It appears that there are more than a few organisations who are scratching their heads on how to get the technologies to complement each other.

I’ll follow up with a post on what the future may mean for people and what I hope to see at Momentum 2011 in Berlin.

11 thoughts on “Momentum 2010 – Summary

  1. Lee, the folks you named in terms of management at the top are just FileNet rethreads … I am looking for more of the ‘meat’ in your posting … rather vague. The bottom-line is IIG now starting to look like a 2nd tier ECM vendor … what will change in terms of strategy. Please don’t tell me it’s the Cloud !

    • Jake, the ex FileNet people are making a change and helping EMC to focus on solutions rather than platform. This will help drive growth for EMC. There are other posts on here with more detail so refer to them on what is coming but it is a change for EMC; and yes Cloud is one aspect, but not the only one. For EMC is definitely a top tier ECM vendor, looking at the competition the other vendors have their own problems:

      IBM – poorly integrated platform and strategy since acquisition of FileNet;
      OpenText – acquisitions have been poorly integrated;
      Microsoft – some concerns remain about breadth of functionality and on scale;

  2. I couldn’t find a “subscribe to” plug in on your blog–either RSS or Subscribe by email. I don’t want to subscribe to each individual article but to your blog overall. Please point me in the right direction or add it. (my blog is–it’s a wordpress blog, too and you can see how I did the subscribe to plug-in—just a tip from one fellow blogger to another) 😉

  3. Lee, I’ll go read the Word of Pie … you seem to have a pretty biased view (cheerleader) of EMC IIG. It’s not based on reality. EMC Documentum (just read their former press releases or the Public statements have been talking about ‘solutions’ for many years now. You slam IBM but they are absolutely going in the right direction with BPM and ECM (maybe you need to pick-up the latest Gartner and Forrester reports on BPM/ECM with IBM and Oracle). IBM just recently put out their BI/analytics roadmap for solutions. They are leading the market in many solution areas, such as FSI and Public sector. Uh, where is EMC IIG on BI solutions ? Oh, I forgot, they don’t have a BI story or a BRE story …

    I know you get invited to (from reading your blog) to speak at EMC events but the credibility of your Blog is dependent on an unbiased view. Again, bringing in FileNet folks and trying the same strategy at EMC IIG is not the silver bullet for what ills EMC IIG … the market has greatly changed and EMC IIG is now considered a 2nd Tier ECM provider.

    btw: The Fred guy has been at EMC IIG since last January (according to folks I know) and EMC IIG revenues have been flat or under for the past few quarters …. I will take ‘execution’ over great strategy presentations any time … I guess the presentations impress you, I’ll go for results and the latest numbers from IIG shows they are not delivering, period.

    • Jake,

      I didn’t slam IBM I pointed out a weakness in their ECM products, I stand by what I said and if you include BPM then I believe you introduce an even more confused message. Also note that the Blog is about Content Management, although I do think the news on Next Generation Information Server from EMC is very interesting.

      EMC have not really done solutions, if you know them well enough you will know this. OpenText are, in my opinion, the best vendor out there for delivering vertical solutions on ECM and I think EMC have a plan to address this and I have seen some of the solutions and they are promising.

      I am not biased I am merely commenting on my view of the market. I do believe that EMC are struggling to grow, but I believe many traditional ECM vendors are in the face of SharePoint 2010 and Open Source such as Alfresco. I do believe that EMC is a Tier One ECM vendor, would like to get your views on who are if EMC are not? (I also think there is a good post to come on who the Tier One vendors are). Certainly I do not see much of IBM in the market right now, I see SharePoint, EMC, OpenText and Oracle with a high profile in the market.

      Re your point on execution, I wouldn’t consider numbers to be the optimum figure for how to select an ECM vendor. They are evidence of how successful the product is in the marketplace and I do not have consolidated numbers across all vendors to hand, but it would be good to see where the market share is.

      Thanks for reading.


  4. Lee, I really don’t know where you are getting some of your information from. EMC doesn’t do solutions ? Uh sir, IIG has been talking about “doing solutions” for about 3 years now. They have been talking about pushing xCP solutions thru their Channel organization in fact for almost 18 months (again, go see Press Releases about xCP). Don’t you remember during early 2009 the xCP Dev. challenge for partners (in the Press Release statements as well). Please Lee, do your homework. I am not trying to poke you in the eye here but you are not correct on this issue. Oh, so now we have the FileNet guys saying there’s a new way to “do solutions with IIG” … ok, I don’t see major SI’s taking only one ECM/BPM framework and building their solutions … they usually take ‘best of breed’ and assemble it into a framework. So, I am not convince they can execute on this approach …. they have been trying that for several years now anyway !

    In addition, EMC is not now a Tier-1 vendor (well, if they are, a very weak Tier-1). Go look at Gartner’s EMC MQ from late 2009. The order was the following: 1) IBM-FileNet 2) Oracle, 3) MSFT and … EMC and Open Text were ‘neck and neck’ for number #4. Also, Forrester took EMC off of their BPM Wave report for 2010. Morever, Gartner BPM MQ oct. 2010 has EMC way down in the Challenger MQ … they didn’t move from the 2009 report. Whereas most of the competitors listed have done well in these reports. So, tell me with these results, how that makes EMC a tier-1 vendor. Yes, they were a Tier-1 vendor for many years but I’d classify them as a Tier-2.

    EMC has lost ECM market share. IBM, MSFT, Oracle EMC numbers have been growing … (you will have to dig to get that info … I will not say trust me on it but go do your homework and you will fine it to be true).

    • Okay, I trusted the first two responses but I see from this one that you lack a lot of credibility. You really don’t need to tell me about xCP, but if YOU were todo your homework and look below the surface of xCP you will see that there are very few, if any, solutions which exist out there. Not in a repeatable format anyway. The Grants Management Solution is only a framework and could not really be sold on. However the strategy for xCP 2.0 is to really build solutions and start to push them…at the moment they don’t really exist. The FileNet guys are helping with this message and identified this as a way to grow, as you say yourself Fred has been on board for some time, but this will take time to take effect.

      The MQ does not have IBM leading overall, it has IBM as the leader for execution but I would recommend reading Pie’s post on the MQ. Interestingly the criticism of EMC was for a complicated pricing structure and a lack of strategy, both have been addressed…but I would also add that the strategy includes a way for orgs to reduce the overall cost of EMC implementations and improvements in the UI….both issues which I feel needed addressing.

      Re BPM, we’re not talking about BPM here, we’re talking about ECM…you do seem to try and change the topic of conversation. Yes there is BPM in the EMC stack but it is content centric BPM and needs the ECM engine for it to be deployed so I would not expect it to get in the BPM MQ, surprised they feature.

      Perhaps you could point me at some figures which back up your claims, I can back up mine but at the moment it seems yours are lacking substance. (Even if you do miss the point that I am not EMC biased). Perhaps consider me as a customer of ECM and convince me why I should purchase Oracle, IBM or Microsoft for my ECM needs above EMC.

      I look forward to your response.


  5. Lee, you hit on my point ! After almost 2 years, of pushing xCP to the Channel partners, there are little solutions. So, we agree on that. EMC IIG has tried pushing solutions prior and it got them basically no where. Now they are trying a “new” message with some FileNet guys and from reading your Blog about that strategy, what’s new ? Really, tell me what is new with that strategy ?

    You mentioned xCP 2.0 … are you kidding ! I have heard from IIG that it’s not supposed to be out in the market until late 2011.

    So, now you are questioning Gartner MQ ECM placement of IBM … the point was EMC has gone down in the Gartner MQ EMC positioning … why is it difficult for you to be objective about that … (Oh, I forgot, you are cheerleader for IIG).

    I am talking about BPM and ECM …. I don’t know if you sell or not but most times when talking to customers ECM and BPM are in the same sales cycle regarding solutions.

    Your ‘red herrings’ notwithstanding, per your responses (a customer of your Blog), I sincerely believe you are drinking EMC IIG’s markeing koolaide. Why am I not suprised. The fact is again, the IIG’s revenues speak volumes … most independent analysts agree that IIG is struggling. Prove to me with FACTs that IIG is on the right road to recovery … I also noticed that you didn’t respond to the statement that IBM is doing a very good job on the ECM/BPM BI front. EMC IIG has no answer for this at all.

    Finally, my guess is that IBM and Oracle are fishing out large enterprise deals …. EMC is stuck at the mid-tier deals. If you have any information to counter that view, please let me know. Again, remember I am a customer of your Blog … my impression is that you have a pretty biased view of EMC IIG … I asked you to back up your statements with evidence and you start to attack me. Just provide hard evidence of why you think EMC IIG is a Tier-1 and with the FileNet folks well on the road to recover. I wait for your intelligent response.

    • Okay, I’ll try and deal with each point in turn, although it is hard from the ramble:

      1. Solutions won’t work for xCP and IIG. No solutions currently exist so potentially yes, however most people will be waiting for 2.0 before really investing. Remember xCP is not a new product but a bundle of existing ones. There are one or two solutions which are being successful, EPFM and Investigative Case Management but I wait for Q2 of next year to see more coming.

      2. No I didn’t question Gartner’s placement, I questioned your interpretation of it. Comparing 2008 to 2009 EMC have slipped but that is nothing new, I did say they have lost ground to Microsoft. I look forward to seeing the MQ for 2010 plus the upcoming Case Management one.

      3. ECM and BPM do need to be considered together however there are also many times when BPM is considered on its own. The BPM products in the MQ are more of the pure play, which BPM engine would I considered if I buy SharePoint or IBM Content Manager?

      4. My post is that I believe in the message from Momentum EMC have put in place measures to address their weaknesses, including cloud strategy, reliance on 3rd Party Products, complicated price lists, poor UI. As I said I do not have all the sales figures to hand but will spend some time to dig these out and post a follow up although these numbers can be very misleading, Microsoft virtually give away SharePoint and the cost per seat of OS products like Nuxeo and Alfresco will distort the numbers.

      5. I know of several customers who have purchased EMC as an Enterprise product in the past 12 months, I know of more who have invested in SharePoint and rightly so as it meets their needs. I do not know of many who have purchased IBM or Oracle. As I say I will look for the details on these numbers and if I get them post them; you suggest you have them so perhaps you can supply them, it would be the easiest way for you to prove your credibility. If you don’t want to post then the question remains.

      6. I don’t consider you a customer, or even a reader, a blog is a way to interact and to start discussions such as this one. You are a participant in the blog and I welcome the interaction. I’m not dismissing your claims I am merely stating that in my opinion EMC is a Tier 1 ECM vendor alongside IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and OpenText. I have agreed that times are hard but I have also stated that I believe the announcements at Lisbon give me the confidence to keep selling the EMC products and to include them in my thoughts when considering which product would be best for my customers. I am not a cheerleader for IIG and have pointed to their failures on the occasion when it has been necessary, e.g. the fiasco around the release of Centerstage and the criticism of the keynote at Lisbon.

      You can read my thoughts on here and I have backed them up, I think it is about time you start to back up your comments with some hard facts. I cannot prove that IIG is on the road to recovery with FACTS as this will only become apparent when we see the numbers for 2011, 2012 and 2013 as well as the analysts reports. As I say, it is my belief that the measures which were announced and the change in product strategy will help them to achieve this.

  6. Might I just say that after finding Momentum 2010 on PHP-Nuke, what a relief to come across someone
    who seriously understands what they’re writing about when it comes to this. You truly understand how to bring a problem to light and make it worthwhile. A lot more people should have a look at this and see this side of the story. I can’t believe you’re not more widespread, because you most truly possess the gift.

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