ECM Web Services

Laurence has written an excellent post about fitting Sharepoint into the ECM picture.

The comments about the rewrite of eRoom are interesting and confirm thoughts which I am sure a number of us have had for some time. eRoom as it is does not have a future and EMC need to repurpose it and break down its features into a number of services which can be added on to the core Documentum products and then exposed through the clients. This started in the past with the Collaborative Services.

The killer in Laurence’s post is his dream of standard ECM Web Services definition. This should not be a dream and should be something we are moving to, but I am not sure it should be about plugging in an ECM platform to either Sharepoint or eRoom but more about exposing the ECM and Collaboration services which the products expose into whichever presentation layer the customer wishes to use. Note I am saying ECM and Collaboration services, both are required.

On a recent project we used Trac for our wiki and Subversion for our Config Management, this included code and documentation. If there had been better support for some of the config management services of Subversion which the wiki could have harnessed then we would have not had a slightly awkward UI to battle through to get to important documents. No reason why this could not have been through standard EMC Web Services.

When we start to consider some of these we will be moving much closer to the Web 2.0, SOA buzz words which are being touted much more. Something to ponder and think about no doubt.


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