Alfresco in the UK

Have a look at this interesting article on Alfresco in the UK.

I may come across as very pro Documentum in this blog but the truth is that most of my ECM work has been with Documentum, hence this is where most of my knowledge is. If asked about the biggest threats to Documentum I would say MOSS and Open Source. However for some reason Open Source seems to be getting left behind in the UK and I feel great sympathy for the likes of Alfresco.

From what I have read about Alfresco, and a little bit of dabbling, it seems to be built on an open and flexible architecture. Yet it is really struggling in the UK. The article above points an accusing finger at the big SI’s in the UK…is this fair? The Public Sector market in the UK has been very good for IT Consultancy firms in the past 5 years and this is a market, especially in the UK which is risk averse.

 This does not mean that the notion of Open Source should not be taken to the Public Sector but I do fear that this is not something which is being fully embraced. This is not something they should be vilified for, they go into opportunities knowing that the scorecards against which they will be judged have got a weighting applied. However without the first real reference this will continue.

Its a cycle which will be broken and the consultancy which manages to break it may just steal a very big march on the others.


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