EMC Momentum 2009 – Day 1 Part 1

Day 1 of Momentum is set aside as the Partner days, where the multitude of Partners of EMC CM&A come together to get feedback on the business both in the past year and then an idea of strategy for the future. I’ve attended a number of the sessions today and have attempted to give an overview below and in a secondary post to come soon.

The theme for Momentum 2009 is ‘Inspired by the past…..primed for the future’, given the location in Athens there was a lot of talk of the history of Greece and Athens as a reminder of how we can look at past achievements to propel us to future success together. The event has sold out which is a success in the current market.

The strategy for 2010 is based on three pillars:

– being the leader in Information Governance;

– providing the leading composite application for Case Process Management;

– providing access to and securing the content assets;

These are backed by the overall mission to ‘Help our customers get maximum leverage from their information’.

We then had an industry spotlight session delivered by Chris and Atle wearing dresses, sorry manly robes! They picked out five industry trends and how the EMC product set can help:

1. Information is growing but companies are not confident they are managing their information. (MyDocumentum)

2. Complexity of use is increasing, customers are demanding an increase in ease, be that ease of use, ease of integration or ease of deployment. (xCP)

3. Social everything! About driving value through Social Media. (Centerstage)

4. Collaboration without governance is a disaster. (SourceOne)

5. Green IT, or the time for tree huggers, has come. (Captiva)


Next up was a session on Partnership; this was a good session which did not avoid some of the common issues around partnering. It focussed on the SI Partners more than perhaps the OEMs but the message was very clear. Again there was a message around xCP, yes it will reduce services revenue but this will enable the customers and the SIs to spend more time and money dealing with the real business issues rather than IT problems.

The final session in the morning was a Panel discussion which was chaired by Atle of AIIM. The session started slowly but there was some good questions, and equally good answers, around subjects such as competition with Microsoft.

Finally there was the Partner Awards and I, unashamedly, would like to highlight the Partner of the Year award which was awarded to Capgemini. We’ve worked hard to improve our relationship and this is a testament to the work of a number of people from both EMC and Capgemini.